Recent advances in networking, sensor and RFID technologies allow connecting physical world objects to the IT infrastructure, which could enable realization of the “Internet of Things” vision. However, as ubiquitous systems become increasingly complex, traditional solutions to manage and control them reach their limits and pose a need for self-manageability.

Smart Semantic Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing


05/200704/2010. Project ended.




  • ABB
  • Fingrid
  • Hansa Ecuras
  • Metso Automation
  • Metso Shared Services
  • Nokia

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Also, heterogeneity of the ubiquitous components, standards, data formats, etc. creates significant obstacles for interoperability in such complex systems. Achieving the interoperability by imposing some rigid standards and making everyone comply would not lead to an open ubiquitous environment. Therefore, there is a need for some middleware to act as the glue joining heterogeneous components together.

This project will build on the foundation laid in the SmartResource project (2004-2006). SmartResource analyzed the central concepts related to flexible semantic agent-based integration and coordination of heterogeneous components; it will develop appropriate solutions in supporting but mandatory areas such as security, human interfaces and other. The research efforts will be combined with agile software development processes. Software prototypes will be iteratively developed during the whole project lifecycle based on real data, real needs and changing requirements of industrial partners. The result will be both the basic software tools for the UBIWARE platform and several industrial prototypes based on these tools.

The project aims at a new generation middleware platform (UBIWARE) which will allow creation of self-managed complex industrial systems consisting of distributed, heterogeneous, shared and reusable components of different nature, e.g. smart machines and devices, sensors, actuators, RFIDs, web-services, software components and applications, humans, etc. The middleware will enable various components to automatically discover each other and to configure a system with complex functionality based on the atomic functionalities of the components.

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