SoTech Platform

The SoTech Platform-project aims at the development and design of a prototype Action Platform facilitating effective, concerted use of novel social ICTs (Web 2.0-technologies) for industrial services businesses activities (B2B). In doing so, it promotes industrial organizations’ crucial alignment step from E-Readiness to E-Proficiency, strives at the build-up of an industrial and scientific network of expertise, with commitment to industrial service future, and seeks the advancement of the user psychological approach to interaction design.

Novel Social Technologies’ Action Platform for Future Industrial Services Businesses Management


07/200701/2010. Project ended.


Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation


The project has successfully reached a collaboration agreement with 3 active project partners (Infonia Oy, Jyväskylä; Process Vision Oy, Helsinki/Jyväskylä; PR Rolls Oy, Jämsänkoski) and 1 passive partner (Firstbeat Technologies Ltd., Jyväskylä).

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This project essentially fuses the two major developmental trends for future industrial enterprise reality: (a) exploitation of emerging Web 2.0 principles and practices and (b) strengthening of services businesses activities.

(Note: In compliance with the project partners developmental agendas, the primary application target and business value of the Action Platform has since been shifted from services businesses to organizational collaboration and knowledge management.)


  • The SoTech Platform project receives funding from the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation (200'000€).
  • It was launched in July 2007 and is designated to operate until the end of 2009 within the Agora Human Technology Research Center (User Psychology Laboratory) at the University of Jyväskylä.
  • During this time it will administer about 40 researcher man months.
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