The aim of the EU FP7-project Public Empowerment Policies for Crisis Management (PEP) is to investigate how the crisis response abilities of the public can be enhanced and what public empowerment policies are successful in realising this aim.

Public Empowerment Policies for Crisis Management


01/201212/2014. Project ended.




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  • Mid Sweden University
  • Emergency Services College in Finland
  • Inconnect in the Netherlands
  • Global Risk Forum in Switzerland (Visit the IDRC Conference in Davos 2014 and join our PEP Symposium)

see also Webpage of the Crisis Communication -research group: and Project newsletters

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Empowering the public to be better prepared for crises is a logical way to strengthen crisis management, although in the past resources have been focused mainly on the activities of response organisations. Nowadays authorities realize that the behaviour of citizens is vital to crisis preparedness, response and recovery.

The project will identify best practices in the community approach to crisis resilience, and give directions for future research and implementation, including the use of social media and mobile services, to further citizen response.

The focus is on crisis situations that occur in or have implications for the European Union member states and associate states, while also drawing on the experiences of other countries. The input of the experts in the field of crisis management and communication is a key element in pursuing the goals of this project.

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