KeyCoNet is a network focused on identifying and analysing initiatives concerned with the implementation of key competences in primary and secondary school education across Europe.


01/201212/2014. Project ended.



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KeyCoNet-recommendations in several languages

Radio Jyväskylä: Opettajia tuettava jatkossa yhä enemmän

2000-luvun avaintaidot eDimension-lehdessä 

Co-Designing 21st Century Secondary School Natural Science Learning Environments


Final conference in Brussels

KeyCoNet-seminar: Space for learning


  • Competences for 21st century schools -verkkokurssi opettajille
    KeyCoNet järjestää yhdessä European School Net -verkoston kanssa marraskuussa 2014 opettajille ja kouluttajille suunnatun verkkokurssin, jonka tavoitteena on levittää tietämystä avaintaidoista sekä niiden merkityksestä opetuksen suunnittelussa ja toteutuksessa.


Among its 18 partners, coming from 10 countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia and Swede), are Ministries of Education/related agencies, universities/research institutes, European organizations, and practice-related partners.

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On the basis of the evidence collected through case studies, peer learning visits, videos and exchanges between network members, the project’s final objective is to produce recommendations for policy and practise regarding the enablers and obstacles to a holistic implementation of Key Competence Development (KCD).

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