The University of Jyväskylä has created a multidisciplinary consortium, comprising of various university faculties and international companies, which aims at the development of innovative environments and networks. As at present diverse hurdles hinder an efficient cooperation between universities and companies the InnoKehä project intends to bring together representatives of these parties in order to define a roadmap that can lead to an optimized exploitation of research results and innovations.

Innovatiivisten ympäristöjen ja verkostojen kehittäminen


01/200710/2007. Project ended.






University of Jyväskylä
Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences
Companies: e.g.
Buildercom Oy, Metso Oyj, Nokia Corporation KLazerTech Oy, ISS Proko Oy, TeliaSonera Oyj, Uniservices Oy, TietoEnator Oyj, Midinvest Management Oy

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For these purpose innovation discussion forums, so-called INNOFOORUMI, will be organized, which provide an excellent platform for researchers and company representatives to exchange ideas and to determine ways for improved interactions and knowledge-transfer from university to companies. One part of these discussion forums is the utilization of open source methods to guarantee a maximum range of participation and to facilitate open discussions via Internet. Hence, a Wikipedia website has been set up, providing unrestricted access and an eased form for contributions in these discussions.

Beside providing discussion platforms, the InnoKehä project will examine four different cases in which knowledge transfer from university to companies occurred and where research results and innovation were successfully exploited.

The following cases have been chosen to illustrate the development from project idea to innovation: Metacase, Ekapeli, Kokopäiväkoulu, and one industry case (Metso). Based on these ideas InnoKehä’s aims can be defined as follows: 1) to analyze successful examples of creating new technologies and exploiting research results 2) to examine ways to utilize research results and new technology solutions to enhance both public and private sector 3) to optimize the exploitation of research results and innovation.

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