The main research goal is to significantly improve logistics performance in transportation services where a very large number of delivery or pickup points is featured. We focus on applications where a substantial share of households in an area is to be serviced, e.g., distribution of newspapers, and waste collection. Research goals will be met by integrating state-of-the-art technologies for logistics control, distribution management and route design.

Transport management technology for large-scale applications


03/200504/2008. Project ended.


Research Council of Norway


  • SPIDER Solutions AS, a vendor of state-of-the-art, generic route planning tools and associated services
  • Distribution Innovation AS, a Norwegian provider of novel and flexible solutions for distribution companies, mainly a PDA based Electronic Delivery Guide and associated software
  • Aftenposten AS, one of the largest newspapers in Norway with some 270.000 subscribers
  • Ecomond Oy, a Finnish vendor of wireless logistics control systems, mainly in waste management
  • Jätekukko Oy, a Finnish waste management company
  • SINTEF, a large contract research institute, with state-of-the-art competence in operations research, usability and user interfaces, mobile computing and Geographical Information Technology
  • Agora Innoroad Laboratory, University of Jyväskylä, specializing in transport optimization research

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New, more effective and user-friendly user interfaces shall be developed, along with efficient methods for the collection of address, time, and distance information where available electronic databases are not adequate. Hence, existing solutions for transportation management will considerably enhance the potential for logistics efficiencies and market penetration. Generic route planning solutions will be enhanced with better optimization power, user-friendly web and PDA interfaces, and integration with real-time tracking systems.

The two end users in the consortium (Aftenposten AS, Jätekukko Oy) will provide user requirements and specifications in two different but related transportation applications: waste collection and newspaper delivery. The three complementary technology vendor companies in the consortium (GreenTrip AS, Distribution Innovation AS, Ecomond Oy) will ensure the commercialization and wide dissemination of the EDGE project results. Two world-class research partners (SINTEF and the Agora Innoroad Laboratory) are responsible of the necessary scientific research related to the targeted innovations.

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