Digital Services (TIVIT program)

This task is aimed to elaborate a platform of ubiquitous personalized decision support services for education process.


01/201203/2013. Project ended.




  • Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö
  • Helsingin yliopisto
  • Jyväskylän Ammattikorkeakoulu
  • Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto
  • Oulun yliopisto
  • Tampereen yliopisto
  • Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VU
  • TTY-säätiö
  • Abo Akademi

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Enriched with various supportive services, platform will play a role of personalized Study Advisor for everyone who would like to build his/her personal education process, who would like to improve and extend own skills to increase personal qualification level. Meanwhile, platform will play supportive role for education content providers to follow development trends in education domain and be aware about relevant changes on a labor market, about demands of industry and businesses, and preferences of potential customers (students), etc. Thus, the task aims to provide collaborative user-oriented trustful education environment with decision support and quality assurance services.

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