Capolsa II

The CAPOLSA project aim is to establish a strong literacy centre with international visibility and impact, specifically in African countries facing similar challenges with Zambia. The literacy training approach is based on the Grapho Learning Initiative and the innovative and efficient digital-based learning game GraphoGame that is developed based on scientific studies led by Professor Heikki Lyytinen.

Centre for promotion of literacy in sub-Saharan Africa II


04/201312/2015. Project ended.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Coordinating site

CAPOLSA website at UNZA


  • University of Zambia
  • Project team in Zambia: Leader Robert Serpell, Ph.D., Jacqueline Jere-Folotiya, Tamara Chansa-Kabali,  Francis Sampa, Christopher Yalukanda, Jonathan Munachaka

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Capolsa II is a direct continuation of earlier Capolsa project, also funded through the HEI ICI programme. In the present second phase of the Capolsa project, the following concrete results are expected:

  1. Increase, through training and experience, in the stock of human resources in Sub-Saharan Africa with necessary expertise for achieving the project purpose
  2. Composition and dissemination of child-friendly reading materials in African languages to schools, libraries, play centres, media broadcasting institutions, and families
  3. Design and supply of computer-assisted learning resources to promote mastery of letter-sound correspondence rules, vocabulary growth, reading fluency and comprehension
  4. Dissemination to policymakers, teacher educators, teachers and parents of research evidence on optimal methods of learning and instruction for literacy acquisition by young children

See this video on Graphogame in Zambia!

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