Behavioral observation of drivers’ actions preceding driving errors

The goal of this subproject is to gain further understanding of the informational value of the actions of the driver before driving errors occur. Collection of empirical data from a simulated driving environment, and behavioral observation and analysis of the performance of the drivers are sub goals leading to the attainment of the main one. Those actions of the driver preceding driving errors of different magnitudes are particularly interesting because they can signal reduced alertness states.


08/200607/2007. Project ended.


Henry Fordin säätiö


  • Kilpa- ja huippu-urheilun tutkimuskeskus
  • Neuroarviot Oy

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The observation and analysis of these video-recorded behavioral data is very time consuming and requires full time dedication of at least one postgraduate student. The driving scenarios will attempt to increase the probability of driving errors that can happen during the simulated driving due to reduced alertness. This research is not directly linked to the Center of Excellence of which the applicant is co-director, but to a wider scope research project supported by Suomen Akatemia and coordinated by Narciso González Vega at the Innoroad Laboratory, University of Jyväskylä, Agora Center, with the collaboration of professor Heikki Lyytinen and Ph.D. Jukka Kaartinen. It also has connections to the Mind-Tech research group which has four full time postgraduate members. Two of them are from the department of Mathematical Informaiton Technology. The tasks involved in this project are related to this environment but not funded from other sources.

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