The multidisciplinary AVI research project provides a wider framework of conditions for change management and innovation. It investigates intangibles as drivers of organizational innovation for companies active in the international context. The outcome will be a tool consisting of Quality Indicators to enable organizations to measure and improve the added value for innovation of the following functional areas Human resource, Communication, Marketing, and Information technology. Flexibility enables organizations to innovate and respond effectively to changes in the business environment and innovation ecosystems.

Added value of intanglibles for organizational innovation


09/200910/2010. Project ended.




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Communication Health Check –  Measuring Corporate Communication Performance

A Communication Health Check, based on an existing tool for measuring communication quality, was customized for Finnish companies and supporting software was developed to create an online tool. A pilot measurement procedure was performed in a medium-sized company based in the country’s capital, Helsinki. The aim was to see if the tool would be useful in the Finnish context, and whether a benchmarking function or further customization would be preferred. The tool was considered easy to use by the respondents and its main function was considered to be enabling organizational learning.

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