Early grade teachers in Zambia need information and pedagogical training in literacy instruction in local languages. GraphoGame Teacher Training Service is a mobile intervention method for teacher in-service training that allows teachers to self-study information on implementation of the new local language curriculum and practice correct literacy instruction pedagogy with a mobile learning game. Our research will focus on finding the most feasible method of providing GraphoGame Teacher Training Service for early grade teachers in rural Zambia. Follow

GraphoGame™ Literacy Intervention in Zambia


08/201512/2016. Project ended.


All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development partners USAID, World Vision & Australian Government


All Children Reading final reports:

Technology-Based Innovations to Improve Early Grade Reading Outcomes in Developing Countries (Includes the Graphogame TTS & Makhalidwe Athu Projects)

Graphogame Teacher Training Service (End of Project Report)

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All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development project blog on the International Teachers' Day 5th October 2015

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Ojanen, E., Ronimus, M., Ahonen, T., Chansa-Kabali, T., February, P., Jere-Folotiya, J., … Lyytinen, H. (2015). GraphoGame – a catalyst for multi-level promotion of literacy in diverse contexts. Frontiers in Psychology6, 671.

The project has been made possible by the generous support of the ACR partnership. The contents are the responsibility of Agora Center, University of Jyväskylä and CAPOLSA, University of Zambia, and do not necessarily reflect the views of ACR partners.

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