Welcome to the exhibition: Ambitious Co-creation - Agora Center 2002-2016

The University Museum’s exhibition Tuloksiin yhteisvoimin - Ambitious Co-creation presents the phases and achievements of the Agora Center research unit active in 2002–2016.

Agora Center was a multidisciplinary and networked independent institute, which operated at the University of Jyväskylä until the structural reorganisation of 2016. The unit focused on the research and development of information society and human-oriented ICT applications and services. The Center’s activities were based on active cooperation between the public sector, the business world and different organisations.

With its innovative operating methods, Agora Center promoted interdisciplinary research and practical application of research results. The unit produced various publications and innovations that have had a significant societal impact both in Finland and abroad.

The exhibition presents the activities of Agora Center activities with photos and showpieces, as well as publications and video material produced by the unit. Visitors also have an opportunity to test the Ekapeli game and its Graphogame language versions developed at Agora Center.

The exhibition is located in Kipinä, the gallery for changing exhibitions in the Soihtu exhibition centre from 18 May to 30 September 2017. The Soihtu exhibition centre in the S building in Seminaarinmäki is open Wed–Fri 12–5 p.m. and Sat 12–4 p.m. The exhibition is free.

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