School community development with a digital tool

The schools of Koulumäki and Keskuskoulu in the city of Äänekoski, Finland, have experimented with Ideaikkuna –a digital tool in developing school activities. During the past six months they listed ideas and development initiatives and discussed together with the school community. The Ideaikkuna opens up a possibility co-create, suggest solutions and add experiments related to the proposed ideas.

The school communities were really exited to join the research project that is run together by Universities of Jyväskylä and Turku. The project aims at integrating the tacit knowledge and professional expertise as integral part of organisational development. The first development theme was related to sports during the school day: how to get more activity to the classes and during the breaks.

- Based on this experiment it was noticed that when the whole community is involved the theme also needs to be interesting and contemporary, says designer Mikko Pirttimäki from the Agora Center, University of Jyvaskyla.

During the experiment the system was integrated to the curriculum development process. Session with the Ideaikkuna tool, workshops and more traditional development meetings were held in parallel. In the session with the parents the Ideaikkuna was given as an option to provide input and comments in addition to the joint workshops and discussions. The themes chosen to the workshop were visible to everyone in the system and also visualized as posters for the follow-up work.

Ideaikkuna solution provides participatory design and idea co-creation digitally

The experiment has provided an opportunity for researchers to focus on stakeholder participation in school development with a digital co-creation tool.

- In addition to involving teachers and parents the team has also opened up the possibility for student participation, says project manager Outi Teittinen.

This is in fact going to be the next experiment in Äänekoski school. The last schoolweek in May 2016 will be designed together with the students and the program for that week is co-created together with students. In these experiments the researchers gather information on how the solution can help with the development work in schools. New ideas and thoughts can be gathered and shared with all participants and in addition to sharing knowledge the project aims at co-creation of development work in the school communities.


More info:

Outi Teittinen, project manager, +358408053225, Agora Center

Designer Mikko Pirttimäki, +3588053380, , Agora Center                 

Project info: Incorporating employee-driven development and entrepreneurial initiatives into mundane modus operandi of work places  

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