2 million euros to research and co-creation with companies

Agora Center has started a new collaboration worth of 2 million euros for research and development in the beginning of year 2016. The project portfolio consists of three projects granted to the Agora Center and University of Jyväskylä and cooperating commercial partners by Tekes, The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

The projects Customer-online, JY Acceleration Chain and 5K conduct interdisciplinary research and development on the patient centered digital services in healthcare, university spin-off process and cyber-safe smart city.

–We now have a good opportunity for the research teams working on these Smart City and eHealth platforms. The best research teams get funded also in tighter economical times, says Mikko Henrik Pitkänen, Head of Project Management in Agora Center.

Agora Center supports research projects and co-creation with private sector. The networking and joint projects are necessary to be able to reach potential beneficiaries and gaining real impact from research results.

With the companies participating in the projects the research and development roadmap is designed together and then funded through national or international programs.

More info

Mikko Henrik Pitkänen, Head of Project Management, Agora Center
Tel. +358400247409
Email mikko.h.pitkanen(at) jyu.fi

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