Agora Day 2014 = World Usability Day 2014

In 2014, the Agora Day is dedicated to the World Usability Day, around the topic: "Two Steps Beyond Usability: Conceiving the Experience-centric Enterprise".
When Nov 13, 2014
Where Agora, Mattilanniemi 2

Two Steps Beyond Usability - Conceiving the Experience-Centric Enterprise

"Experience-driven business is not something you choose - it is already reality", states research coordinator Sacha Helfenstein from Agora Center. "Business customers, partners, and companies’ own personnel make experiences and they will define what products and services mean to them, how much they invest, and how long they stay loyal. So, the vital question is not whether experiences are business-relevant, but how to manage and potentially grow with and from them.

Instead of just evangelizing culture and mindset, our program offers concrete insights into what’s needed to make experience-centricity successful. This refers to the right business setup, technological enablers, and design approaches, and it affords looking outside as well as deed inside ones organization. We will hear answers from research side, but importantly from industrial representatives themselves.


Video from the event now available in Moniviestin

Updated programme is found on

  • 11.30-12.45 (Lea Pulkkinen hall, Agora, 4th floor, B-wing)
    Agara Day opening session over a light lunch. (Watch in Moniviestin)
  • 13.00-15:00 (Auditorium 2Agora, 1st floor)
    World Usability Day -keynotes.
    Andrey Sirotkin (Original Lapland Roast): How to build an experience differentiation strategy for software business (Watch in Moniviestin)
    Pekka Toppi (Onesto Services Oy): Enterprise Experience: kokemuksellista laatua designin, bisneksen ja teknologian avulla (Slideshare; Watch in Moniviestin)
    Jani Kykyri (Oy Samlink Ab): Käyttäjälähtöinen pankin verkkopalveluiden uudistus (PDF; Watch in Moniviestin)
    Vesa Porokuru (Humap Oy): Loistavan asiakaskokemuksen juuret ovat syvällä omassa organisaatiossa (PDF; Watch in Moniviestin)
  • 15.00-16.15 (Agora main hall and Auditorium 2Agora, 1st floor)
    Coffee break + posters, panel discussion and Agora Doctoral Dissertation Award. (Watch in Moniviestin)
  • 16.30- (Lea Pulkkinen hall, Agora, 4th floor, B-wing)

For more information, please contact Sacha Helfenstein,, 0503615882

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