Learning & Development

Agora Center has a passion for studying human learning and developmental needs and advancing social practices of teaching, learning, and working through the use of wise environments and technologies. Our main activities pertain to the Grapho Learning Initiative, assisting millions of children to learn to read in their local language, and the promotion of 21st century skills and environments for humans to flourish across their life span.

Learning Environment

Oppiminen ja kehittyminen

Agora Centerin toiminnan ytimessä on ihmisen oppimisen ja kehittymisen edistäminen jatkuvasti teknologisoituvassa tietoyhteiskunnassa. Pyrimme kehittämään ja edistämään uusia opettamisen, oppimisen ja yhteistyön käytäntöjä, joissa teknologia on valjastettu ihmisen erityistarpeetkin huomioiden hänen tuekseen ja avukseen.

Grapho Learning Initiative

Grapho Learning InitiativeAssisting millions of children to learn to read in their local language, the Grapho Learning Initiative employs state-of-the-art technology together with the knowhow of the most well informed experts of reading acquisition in the world. The initiative was launched in 2011 by University of Jyväskylä and Niilo Mäki Institute.

Projects & People
Contact: Prof. Ulla Richardson

Learning Environments

Learning spaceSocial practices of teaching and learning and the use of innovative learning spaces and technologies is essential to the research on Learning Environments. In particular the research focuses on advancement of 21st century skills and the harnessing of the potential of educational ICT.

Projects & People
Contact: Mikko Vesisenaho


Learn more: Human-Centered Technology Enhanced Education (PDF presentation)


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