Focus Areas

Focus AreaIndustrial IT & Service Solutions
Industrial IT & Service Solutions aims to advance the technological know-how of networked global industries and functions as platform for systemic development of new service solutions for the diverse needs of the society. Applied emphases are on service innovation, wellbeing, health care, public services, industrial service processes and regional innovation ecosystems, utilizing methods of human-centric research, service design, information technology and scientific computing.
Focus AreaDigital Games
Digital Games play a pivotal role not only in leisure culture, but as applied to various life areas under the term Serious Games. Agora Center has throughout its history been strong in fostering research, planning, development, and training requirements of electronic games.
Focus Area Troff documentTraffic & Transport
International cooperation and regional collaboration in multidisciplinary research on road traffic and other driver- and transportation-related issues are another corner stone of Agora Center activities.
Focus Area chemical/x-pdbLearning & Development
Agora Center has a passion for studying human learning and developmental needs and advancing social practices of teaching, learning, and working through the use of wise environments and technologies. Our main activities pertain to the Grapho Learning Initiative, assisting millions of children to learn to read in their local language, and the promotion of 21st century skills and environments for humans to flourish across their life span.
Focus Area chemical/x-pdbInnovation Management
The emphasis of the Agora Center Innovation Management activities are two-fold: 1) effective research and innovation infrastructures that re-envision and reinforce interdisciplinary collaboration with university, business, and public sector partners from around the world; and 2) delivering evidence-based solutions to wicked problems in such a way that achieves thriving societal impact and the commercial value of results.
Focus AreaCare & Wellbeing
Care & Wellbeing are mega-challenges in modern and quickly aging societies. Our research focus is on effective care provision and wellbeing that improves the quality of life. We do this by marrying the potential of emerging technologies with scientific findings and innovative service concepts. Our research process is interdisciplinary and we practice a multi-partner approach: we work across-disciplines, together with end-users and in collaboration with public and private service providers and other stakeholders.
Focus Area SIS packageSecurity, Risk & Crisis
Security and risk management can be seen as a technology-facilitated co-production of strategies and practices by individuals, organizations and public groups. Two core components of this co-production are crisis preparedness and resilience capacity. Thus, we aim to understand the gaps in international research and practice, foresee future needs, and augment societal resilience and public empowerment through the development of effective tools and services, communication strategies, and policies.
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