About us

Agora Center (2002-2016) creatively combined research of high international standard, in a range of scientific disciplines, with the expertise derived from our diverse partner network.

Our founding spirit

Our focus areas

The Agora Center research program evolves currently around 7 Focus Areas:

Each Focus Area has its own lead and a historical portfolio, and new research ideas are continuously generated within and at the intersections between the focus areas and their associated research groups.

Our approach

Co-creation loop

AC co-creation

Our services

Collaborative Research and Development

We co-create with you. Let's plan together a joint project that creatively combines our interdisciplinary research with your business or development work.

Contract Research

We offer our expertise. Engage our research teams to solve your specific problems and innovate new solutions to your specific challenges.

Forums and Seminars

We invite you. Join our Open Forums of learning, discussion and dialogue. Invited keynote speakers from Finland and abroad open the debate on a number of interesting topics related to human centered technologies, solutions and services.

Contact us and become a partner

Due to structural reorganization of the University of Jyväskylä, we are unable to accept new projects or collaboration proposals at this time.
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